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Steve is a KC Assured Breeder


I am a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme and actively carry out health tests on my dogs for all the known heredity diseases & defects: Heart, Kidney, Hearing (Baer) & Patella. I am a member of The Bull Terrier Club & several regional Bull Terrier Clubs. I also judge the breed at open show level.

When choosing a Sire, I always try to select a dog that compliments the bitch, I look to see the virtues of both animals and try not to double up on the same faults. Bearing in mind at all times, temperament, which is paramount and must be second to none. I try to breed as close to the breed standard as possible and endeavor to improve on the quality of dog I’m breeding from. 

Contact me to find out if I have any puppies at present (Go Contact Page)